Starkenburg Castle, Heppenheim

According to official documentation, Starkenburg Castle is the oldest and largest castle site in the Bergstrasse region. It was built in 1065 to protect Lorsch Abbey.

Starkenburg Castle didn`t just give its name to a whole province to the region surrounded by the Rhine, Main and Neckar rivers; in the course of its 900 year history it also proved to be a sheer impregnable fortress.

An exceedingly picturesque scene unveils itself to the visitor, a rewarding view from the tower to the plains of the Rhine as far as the Donnersberg and in the East over the top of the Odenwald into its deep valleys.

The Castle Tavern is closed on Mondays. Opening-times: Tues - Sat 2pm - 10 pm, Sundays: 11 am - 6pm, Nov - March Saturdays only 12 noon - 6pm, Sundays 11am -6pm.